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Seafoam Kindred Spirit O'DHS RN, CGC "Kid"

It is with a heavy heart I said goodbye to Kid Dec 2017

Kid was born 1-11-2002, and joined us on tax day of that year.. he is a Spirit son (Pat Bogg's) and out of Sis (Sandy McGrath's).. Pat and I co-own this lovely pup. Kid is currently working towards his rally novice getting 2 legs in one weekend.
**FLASH** Kid got his RN title .. and getting a 3rd place to boot!
He has sired one litter of 6 pups, 2 of which are still here. Yukon and Missey. He also is the sire of the singleton pup of Bubbles - Pixie, she has her own page as well and will stay here to be shown.


just posing on the bed

one of the pictures where he so looks like his dad Spirit

taken 2013

Kid can stack with the best of them

Kid appears to be afraid of her eh?

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