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 CH. UCI  Int'l Ch/Nat'l JA/Can. Ch. Prairiepine Etoile of Lovering NDD, BNDD, TDI, CGC

It is with a sad heart that I had to let Star go to the Rainbow bridge in Jan 2010, she had cancer, she is missed by the dogs and of course by me and her friends in the dog world. run free my gal.

Welcome to my page. I am Starz (Etoile - which means star in french - I was rightly named wasn't I?), born 9-12-1999 in Canada.
I came to live with my new mom, Kathy and my "siblings" in May of 2000. At that time I had 1/2 (5) of the points for my Canadian Ch. I finished it in June when I was 9 months old when my new mom took me to Whitehorse, then I started on my AKC Ch. I got 8 points towards it before I turned a year old. I also got my Nat'l Jugend Ch. with the IABCA summer of 2000...it was a long hard road, but I finally did get my majors, both in 2005, 1st one when I took BOB/BOV at the collie specialty and then got BOW at the cook inlet shows in Aug. I finished with 33 points (I think) Majors were hard to come by here for sure!

This fall Star was in a draft test in the novice brace with Eileen Starr's Kukla, they passed both days with flying colors..Eileen showed them on sat, and I showed them on sun. We had a ball both days. Star had already got her novice title in 2004. I have put the certificates for both tests on here now.
Following the test, she was put in a Therapy Dog test and passed that with flying colors as well. Star was a busy girl this summer.

May 05
my 1st major at the collie specialty

and my winning goodies

another collie specialty 2003

9-19-2004 - draft test
Star and the judges

Star took to drafting and managed to get her novice draft title in 04, we were told she is the 1st collie to achieve this since the Bernese Mtn dogs opened it up to all breeds .. she had fun with it and we are going to try to get her open title and/or posibly a brace for her as well .

Starz certificate

Star and Kukla's brace novice draft dog win

Star's brace novice certificate

I was telling mom off eh?

just fooling around