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Danzn Starz Magic Rizes With Dhs aka *Fenix*

Fenix was born in AR on 10-11-2010, from of Missy and Mak'n, A very special litter. She is pointed and is being shown. she is also a smart pup, so I will be working on getting her working titles as well. May even go for a drafting title like her grandma and uncle.

Fenix managed to pick up 6 points in Alaska in 2016, bringing her to 12, needing only her 2 majors

Fenix took up another sport with SDA and got her FO (family Obed.) in June

she got 2 more points at the Little rock show in Arkansas

Fenix got her novice rally at the nationals in TX 2017, her 1st qualifier she got a perfect score in Kenai!
her intermediate title in 2018

Fenix - cook show 2012

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winners kenai 2012

ribbons from Kenai wins 2012

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