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CH Nat'l/Int'l JA DHS Magic Dancer O'Joyz CD, RE, NA, NAC, NJC, NDD, ANDD, BNDD, ABNDD, CGC

It is with a heavy heart I said goodbye to my friend today, RIP Dancer and fly free, running with the others that went before you. Till we meet again.

Dancer came to me from Connie, via Pat Boggs. She was born 10/10/2000 in AR., she shares her birthday with Taffy.
She is my all around dog, competing in agility, doing ralley and also fun things as Lure Coursing and herding.  I am going to try to get a drafting title on her as well.
Dancer has had 2 sets of pups, one by Diesel - of which I have Bubbles from that litter of 4, and the other one by Kid - of which I have Yukon and Miss (now with Judy and Peter) from that litter of 6.

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Dancer got her novice draft title 9-9-06!
Dancer got her brace draft title in 08!
Dancer is now working towards her masters title in both sng drafting and brace, getting 2 more legs for both in 09
Dancer picked up one more leg in sng drafting in 2010
Dancer got her advanced in both single and brace in 2012!!
obedience wise - she got her CD in 2007, is currently working on her BN - has 2 legs from this year (2013)
rally - novice in 2007, advanced in 2010 and excellent in 2011.  


Dancer working on herBN

Sept 09
win picture with the judges

Sept 2006
Dancer's win picture with the judges


Dancer loves to do agility, there is no way of getting around it, put a jump out there and she is over it!
I just found out that she got her novice jumpers title with NADAC in aug of 05. Goes to show that I didnt realize it till I checked the website.

Dancer with her daddy (left) - Magic

recall, still has it at 12 years old

sept 09
Dancer and Yukon going thru the course.

Dancer's novice draft certificate

one of Dancer's qualifying AKC runs



Here is a NADAC win, if I remember correct she got her title this day as well for regular agility. May of 04 is when she earned her title.


Summer od 2005, I put Dancer in the zuchtgruppe (breeders group) with the int'l shows.. she took best in show for the zuchtgruppe with Bubbles and Yukon as her prodgeny.


of course she does show as well in conformation. Amber is showing her this day.

waiting while I open the gate


We have started something new for her, she has taken to drafting (which is really a bernese mountain dog thing), they opened it up to all-breed and we tried last year to pass, we didn't, so we are going to try this year to see if we can.